The Winning Team

The Winners

Congratulations to George Kassis, Sam Howarth, Ilya Strelkov and Shuai Zeng – the winners of our Blockchain competition. We asked students in 2015 how they would make society better for people in the UK using Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology.

The winning team, from the University of Edinburgh, won with their idea to integrate Blockchain within the NHS Blood Supply Chain System.

The winning team and two teams of runners-up have all won summer internships or a place at our graduate assessment centre, depending on their year of study.

Well done to all who entered. Keep an eye out for future competitions.

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The challenge

There’s a lot of buzz around blockchain. It’s a technology that allows people who don’t know each other to trust a shared record of events. And its potential won’t just impact financial services. Many believe that blockchain could track and verify almost any digital record.

  • So how would you use it?
  • What business would you apply it to?
  • What new product would you create?

Whatever your idea, pitch it to us. You could win a paid internship or a place at our graduate assessment centre.

A host of possibilities

Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology already maintains the Bitcoin network, and keeps a record of all Bitcoin transactions. It’s enabling universities to store and encrypt student qualification records so employers can instantly verify CVs. It’s helping insurance companies crack down on fraud and theft by giving diamonds a digital fingerprint, creating a public ledger that tracks the origin, sale and ownership of the world’s most precious stones.

And many more novel applications are bubbling under. From how we identify individuals or verify the provenance of organic goods, to managing car leases or decentralising crowdfunding services.

The point is that while the technology might include some risks, there are all sorts of far-sighted, game-changing, life-enhancing ideas to pursue. We want to hear about yours.

What do you need to do?

We’re looking for ideas that make a positive difference to society. Why?

The Bank’s mission is to promote the good of the people of the United Kingdom by maintaining monetary and financial stability. The chance to contribute to society and make it better for everyone is a big reason why a role with us is so rewarding.

So tell us how you’d make society better for people in the UK by coming up with an idea that has Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology at its heart. Think big. Be creative. And showcase the skills you could bring to our Projects, Data and Technology teams.

Tell us:

Your idea

Why you’ve chosen your idea and what it is in a nutshell

Technical difficulties

How you’d overcome any technical and practical difficulties

Impact of your idea

Who your idea would help and the level of impact it could have

Resources to get up and running

What resources you’d need to get it up and running

We’ll assess your entry on all of these factors plus its creativity and originality.

What could you win?

Firstly, your whole team will get an exclusive invitation to visit the Bank. You’ll meet some of the key people in our Projects, Data and Technology team.

You’ll win a six-week paid internship if you’re in your first, second or penultimate year of study. Or if you’re in your final year, you’ll skip the initial stages of the selection process and be fast-tracked through to our graduate programme assessment centre. Either way, you’ll boost your chances of landing a role with us.

Bank of England building

The entry criteria

  • Enter on your own or as a team of up to six people. Your team can be a mix of first, second, third and fourth years. And the more diverse it is, the better.
  • The competition is aimed at students studying in the UK. However we will consider entries from overseas but you would have to finance your own travel and stay in the UK.
  • We must be able to open your entry on a standard Windows-build desktop.
  • Be creative with your entries, but to give you a size guide:
    • Text – 500 words
    • PowerPoint/PDF – 10 slides
    • Video – 2 minutes
  • Upload your entry through this site by Monday 7th December 2015.
  • Make sure your entry includes the name, phone number and email address of your main contact.

Submit your entry

We're sorry, the competition is now closed. Thanks to all who took part.


Have something you want to ask us about the competition or what we’re looking for? Email your question to and we’ll get back to you with an answer inside 24 hours.